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Sewer Nozzle Pipe Extension 12" Length x 1" Thread

Sewer Nozzle Pipe Extension 12" Length x 1" Thread

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A "sewer nozzle pipe extension refers to a component used in plumbing and sewer systems. Let's break down what this means:

  1. Sewer Nozzle: A sewer nozzle is a specialized attachment used in sewer cleaning and maintenance equipment, such as high-pressure water jetters or sewer jetting machines. These nozzles are designed to emit a high-pressure stream of water or other cleaning solutions to clear blockages, remove debris, and clean sewer pipes.

  2. Pipe Extension: The pipe extension is an additional component that can be attached to the sewer nozzle. It extends the reach of the nozzle, allowing it to access deeper or hard-to-reach areas within the sewer pipe. This can be especially useful when dealing with longer sewer lines or complex pipe systems.

  3. 1" NPT Connection: The 1" NPT connection indicates the type and size of the threaded connection on the sewer nozzle pipe extension. NPT stands for National Pipe Thread, and it is a standard threading used in plumbing and pipe fittings. A 1" NPT connection means that the extension is designed to fit pipes or equipment with a 1-inch NPT threaded opening. This connection ensures a secure and leak-free attachment.

In practical terms, a sewer nozzle pipe extension with a 1" NPT connection would be used in conjunction with a sewer nozzle to extend its reach and clean sewer pipes effectively. The extension can be threaded onto the nozzle, and the entire assembly can then be connected to a high-pressure water jetting machine or similar equipment.

These components are commonly used by professional plumbers and sewer maintenance workers to address clogs, blockages, and other issues within sewer and drainage systems. The choice of the specific nozzle and extension will depend on the requirements of the job, including the size and configuration of the sewer pipes being cleaned.

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