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Rods are available in the following styles: 3/8" Round, 3/8" Hex, 7/16" Hex, and 1/2" Round.  All the rods are made from a high strength alloy steel.  Using the 3/8" Round rod as a basis for comparison, the 3/8" Hex rod is about 20% stiffer than the 3/8" Round rod.  The 7/16" Hex rod is approximately twice as stiff as the 3/8" Round rod.  The 1/2" Round rod is approximately 3 times as stiff as the 3/8" Round rod.

As the size of the rod and tip increases (from 3/8" to 7/16"), additional effort will be required to push the tool into the ground.

The following table describes which probes and which rods will work with each other.


Probes - Acceptable Rod Types
  3/8 Round 3/8 Hex 7/16 Hex 1/2 Round
Mighty Probe X X X  
Smart Stick X X X  
Striking Head Std X      
Striking Head Hvy       X
Hammer Probe       X
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