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Mighty Probe with Slide Adapter

Mighty Probe with Slide Adapter

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Feel the relief of getting everything you need in one package. This assembly includes our best probe being the Mighty Probe 42"-X (3/8 inch Hex Rod) and a standard Slide Adapter.

The joy of having the standard Slide Adapter is that it will convert your Mighty Probe into a mini slide hammer probe allowing you pound your way through difficult spots.

Included: MPA42-X and SA

IMPORTANT: The Mighty Probe(tm) lengths includes the 6" current isolator. Therefore the 42" Mighty Probe(tm) allows you to probe 36" deep (42" overall - 6" isolator = 36" rod).

Mighty Probe Features:


  • Sturdy 1" x 11" solid steel
  • Big enough to grip with both hands even when wearing gloves


  • High quality alloy steel resists bending and bowing
  • Thread to ensure a secure connection and ease of replacement


  • High strength reinforced composite
  • Molded to the handle for a secure connection
  • Tested up to 50,000 volts

Slide Adapter Features:


  • 6" Stroke
  • 8" overall length
  • The shaft can be pounded in and out of the ground


  • High strength tool steel
  • Heat treated to extend durability

Heat Treated Tips:

The tips are made of high strength alloy steel and are heat treated for added durability. Tapered edges make penetration and withdrawal easier. 

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