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Manhole Handi Clamp

Manhole Handi Clamp

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The "Manhole Handi Clamp" is a specialized tool designed for cleaning out manholes and catch basins from ground level. It features a shovel-like scoop or clamp that allows workers to remove debris and materials from these underground structures without the need for direct entry. This tool enhances safety and efficiency in maintenance and cleaning activities. Here's more information about the Manhole Handi Clamp:

Key Features:

  1. Shovel-Like Scoop: The Manhole Handi Clamp is equipped with a scoop or clamp mechanism that resembles a shovel. This allows it to effectively scoop out debris, sediment, and other materials from the manholes and catch basins.

  2. Ground-Level Operation: The primary advantage of the Manhole Handi Clamp is that it is operated from ground level. Workers do not need to enter the manhole or catch basin, reducing the risks associated with confined space entry.

  3. Long Handle: The tool typically features a long handle that enables workers to reach deep into the manhole or catch basin, ensuring effective cleaning and removal of materials.

  4. Secure Grip: The clamp mechanism is designed to securely grip and lift debris, making it easier to clear the structure.

  5. Safety: Using the Manhole Handi Clamp enhances worker safety by eliminating the need to descend into potentially hazardous confined spaces. This is crucial in preventing accidents and exposure to harmful gases or substances.


The Manhole Handi Clamp is primarily used in sewer maintenance, wastewater management, and drainage system maintenance:

  1. Manhole Cleaning: It is used to remove debris, sludge, leaves, and sediment that accumulate in manholes over time. Keeping manholes clean is essential for proper drainage and sewer system function.

  2. Catch Basin Maintenance: Catch basins are prone to clogging with debris, trash, and sediments, and the Handi Clamp helps efficiently clear these structures.

  3. Confined Space Entry Avoidance: The tool is especially useful in situations where confined space entry is risky or impractical due to safety concerns.

  4. Preventative Maintenance: Regular use of the Manhole Handi Clamp is part of a proactive maintenance program to prevent blockages and ensure the effective flow of water and wastewater.

This tool is essential for sewer and drainage system maintenance, ensuring that manholes and catch basins remain free from blockages that can lead to flooding and other drainage issues. By providing a safe and efficient method for cleaning these structures from ground level, it improves worker safety and job efficiency.

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