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Debris Basket

Debris Basket

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Debris Basket is used for maintenance and cleaning of manholes or sewer systems. Let me break down the components you mentioned:

  1. Manhole: A manhole is a covered opening in a street or sidewalk that provides access to underground utilities, such as sewer pipes, electrical cables, or telecommunications lines.

  2. Aluminum Perforated Debris Basket: This is likely a basket or container made of aluminum with perforations or holes in its walls. It is used to catch debris, sediment, or other unwanted materials from entering the sewer system through the manhole. The perforations allow water to flow through while trapping larger particles.

  3. Quick Coupler: A quick coupler is a type of connector used to quickly and securely attach or detach tools or equipment. In this context, it's likely used to attach the debris basket to a cleaning or maintenance tool, such as a fiberglass pole.

In practical terms, this equipment setup might work as follows:

  • The aluminum perforated debris basket is attached to the end of a fiberglass pole using the quick coupler.
  • An operator can lower the pole, with the attached basket, into the manhole.
  • The perforations in the basket allow water to flow through while capturing debris and preventing it from entering the sewer system.
  • By manipulating the fiberglass pole, the operator can position the basket to collect debris from specific areas within the manhole.
  • After cleaning or collecting the debris, the operator can remove the basket from the manhole using the pole and quick coupler, empty it, and then return it to the manhole as needed.

This equipment setup can be helpful for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of sewer systems by preventing debris and foreign objects from clogging or damaging pipes. It's commonly used in municipal and industrial sewer maintenance operations.

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