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Cutting ball CB50 1/4" -1/2"

Cutting ball CB50 1/4" -1/2"

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Connecting thread

The CB range (enz® cutting ball) is equipped with a carbide root knife or penetrator blade for pipes that are clogged by more than 50% The CB90 and CB70 (enz cutting ball) work without impact, but are equipped with a plug that can be removed, that creates a vibration in the tool when rotating. (not the CB50). The cutters on the side are self-sharpening and maintain their sharpness over their entire service life. The area of application of the cutting ball is diverse. Due to its spherical shape it can easily navigate bends without damaging the pipe.  Moreover, the proven braking system from enz® ensures for a lower rotation speed. The CB90 & CB70 are leakage-free and can be operated with recycling water.

•    The enz® CB cutting balls are particularly suitable for roots in seepage pipes, mineral deposits and limescale.
•    All CB cutting balls are supplied in an enz® case.

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