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Cam-Lock Male x MNPT "F Type"

Cam-Lock Male x MNPT "F Type"

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An "Aluminum Cam-Lock Male x MNPT (Male National Pipe Thread) 'F Type'" is a specific type of cam and groove fitting used to connect and disconnect hoses and pipes in various fluid transfer applications. This fitting consists of a male end with MNPT threads and is designed in the "F Type" configuration. Here's what these components entail:

Key Features:

  1. Aluminum Construction: The use of aluminum as the material provides lightweight, corrosion resistance, and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  2. Cam-Lock Connection: Cam and groove fittings, also known as cam-lock or cam-lock couplings, are designed for quick and secure connection and disconnection without the need for tools.

  3. Male x MNPT: The "male" designation indicates that this end of the fitting has a male cam-lock connection, while "MNPT" stands for Male National Pipe Thread, which involves threading for a secure and sealed connection to other threaded components.

  4. 'F Type' Configuration: The 'F Type' refers to the specific design of the cam-lock fitting, which includes a lever arm for easy engagement and disengagement.


Aluminum Cam-Lock Male x MNPT 'F Type' fittings are widely used in various industries and applications, including:

  1. Fluid Transfer: They are employed to connect and disconnect hoses and pipes in fluid transfer systems, such as in the chemical, oil and gas, and agricultural industries.

  2. Water Delivery: In agriculture and construction, these fittings are used to connect hoses for water delivery, irrigation, and dewatering purposes.

  3. Tank Loading and Unloading: They are used for loading and unloading tanks in processes involving chemicals, fuels, and other liquids.

  4. Industrial Processes: Cam and groove fittings are utilized in a wide range of industrial processes for quick and efficient connections, reducing downtime.

  5. Firefighting: Fire departments may use cam-lock fittings to quickly connect hoses to hydrants, pumps, and firefighting equipment.

  6. Dewatering: In flood control and dewatering operations, these fittings enable rapid hose connections to efficiently move water.

Proper selection and use of these fittings ensure efficient and leak-free connections in fluid transfer systems. They are valued for their ease of use and ability to quickly connect and disconnect hoses and pipes, making them a popular choice in various industries where speed and efficiency are essential. The 'F Type' design, with its lever arm, makes engagement and disengagement of the fitting even more convenient.

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