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Cam-Lock Male x Hose Shank "E Type"

Cam-Lock Male x Hose Shank "E Type"

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An "Aluminum Cam-Lock Male x Hose Barb (E Type)" is a specific type of coupling or fitting commonly used for quickly connecting and disconnecting hoses or pipes in various fluid transfer applications. These Cam-Lock fittings are popular for their ease of use and versatility. Let's break down the key components of this particular fitting:

  1. Aluminum Construction: This Cam-Lock fitting is made of aluminum, a lightweight yet durable material that provides resistance to corrosion and wear. Aluminum is often chosen for applications that require a combination of strength and weight savings.

  2. Cam-Lock Design: The "Cam-Lock" or "Cam and Groove" design involves a male and female part. The male part typically features one or more cam arms that can be engaged or disengaged to secure the connection. In this case, it's a male part.

  3. Hose Barb (E Type): The male end of this Cam-Lock fitting has a hose barb designed in an "E Type." A hose barb is a tapered or stepped connection that allows a hose to be pushed over it and secured with a clamp or hose coupling.


Cam-Lock fittings are widely used in various industries for fluid transfer, including liquids, gases, and dry bulk materials. The "E Type" hose barb configuration can be found in a range of applications, such as:

  1. Agriculture: These fittings are used in agricultural settings to quickly connect hoses for irrigation, water supply, and chemical transfer.

  2. Industrial Processes: Industries use Cam-Lock fittings for fluid handling and material transfer in manufacturing and processing operations.

  3. Construction: Construction sites may use these fittings for water supply, dewatering, and various fluid transfer needs.

  4. Petroleum: The petroleum industry employs Cam-Lock fittings for transferring oil and other fluids.

  5. Chemical Handling: These fittings are suitable for handling various chemicals and acids.

  6. Firefighting: Fire departments use Cam-Lock fittings for quick hose connections to fire hydrants, pumps, and hoses.

  7. Food and Beverage: In the food industry, they are used for sanitary connections, such as in dairy processing or brewing.

  8. Water and Wastewater: Municipalities and utility companies use Cam-Lock fittings for water and wastewater management.

These fittings offer a quick and reliable means of connecting hoses or pipes, making them popular in applications where frequent assembly and disassembly are required. When selecting Cam-Lock fittings, it's important to consider factors such as the material, type, size, and compatibility with the hoses or pipes to ensure a secure and leak-free connection.

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