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Cam-Lock Female x FNPT "D Type"

Cam-Lock Female x FNPT "D Type"

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An "Aluminum Cam-Lock Female x FNPT 'D Type'" is a specific type of cam and groove coupling used for connecting hoses and pipes in various fluid transfer applications. This particular coupling consists of an aluminum female cam-lock end and a female National Pipe Thread (FNPT) end with a "D Type" cam-lock configuration. Here's what each of these components means:

  1. Aluminum Cam-Lock Female End: The "Aluminum" part indicates that this component is made of aluminum, which is known for its lightweight, corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for various applications, particularly in the handling of liquids.

  2. Cam-Lock (Cam and Groove) Connection: Cam-lock fittings have a quick-connect design, consisting of two parts – the male adapter (with a protruding cam) and the female coupler (with a groove). They are commonly used in industrial fluid transfer to enable fast and secure connections and disconnections. The "Female" end in this context refers to the coupler end.

  3. FNPT: FNPT stands for Female National Pipe Thread. This indicates that the female end of the coupling has internal NPT threads. NPT threads are a common type of threading used for pipes and fittings. The "Female" means that it is the threaded end designed to be screwed onto a male threaded pipe or fitting.

  4. 'D Type' Cam-Lock Configuration: The "D Type" cam-lock configuration is one of several standard designs for cam-lock couplings. The shape and size of the cam arms and grooves are configured in a specific way to ensure compatibility and secure connection with other 'D Type' cam-lock components.


Aluminum Cam-Lock Female x FNPT 'D Type' couplings are used in a wide range of fluid transfer applications, including:

  1. Industrial and Chemical Processing: They are used to connect hoses and pipes in industrial processes, including the transfer of chemicals, water, petroleum products, and more.

  2. Agriculture: In agriculture, these couplings facilitate the connection of hoses for irrigation systems, pumps, and agricultural machinery.

  3. Construction: Construction sites use cam-lock couplings for water and fluid transport in dewatering, concrete pumping, and more.

  4. Firefighting: They are employed in firefighting operations to quickly connect hoses to water sources or firefighting equipment.

  5. Oil and Gas Industry: Cam-lock couplings are used in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including fluid transfer and drilling operations.

  6. Food and Beverage: In the food and beverage industry, they are used for liquid transfer in the processing and packaging of products.

The 'D Type' cam-lock configuration ensures compatibility with other 'D Type' components, making it easy to create secure connections and disconnections in fluid transfer systems. The aluminum construction offers a balance of strength and lightweight characteristics, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. Proper sizing and compatibility with other components are essential to ensure leak-free and efficient connections.

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