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3/8" FNPT Inlet Hydro Excavating Spray Gun Trigger 1/4" FNPT Outlet 10.5gpm @ 5000psi

3/8" FNPT Inlet Hydro Excavating Spray Gun Trigger 1/4" FNPT Outlet 10.5gpm @ 5000psi

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A "3/8" FNPT Inlet Hydro Excavating Spray Gun Trigger" with "1/4" FNPT Outlet," featuring a flow rate of "10.5 GPM" at a pressure of "5000 PSI," is a specialized spray gun designed for hydro excavation applications. Here are the key features and specifications of this spray gun:

  1. Inlet and Outlet Size: The spray gun has a 3/8" Female National Pipe Thread (FNPT) inlet and a 1/4" FNPT outlet, allowing for easy connection to compatible hoses, pipes, or fittings.

  2. Hydro Excavation Design: This spray gun is specifically designed for use in hydro excavation, a non-destructive digging method that uses high-pressure water to break up soil and a vacuum system to remove the resulting slurry of soil, water, and debris.

  3. Trigger Mechanism: The spray gun is equipped with a trigger mechanism, which allows the operator to control the flow of high-pressure water used in the excavation process. Squeezing the trigger enables the water flow, while releasing it stops the flow.

  4. Flow Rate: The spray gun has a flow rate of 10.5 gallons per minute (GPM). This specification indicates the volume of fluid, in this case, high-pressure water, that can pass through the gun in one minute under the specified conditions.

  5. Pressure Rating: The spray gun is designed to handle high-pressure water at up to 5000 pounds per square inch (PSI). This high-pressure capability is crucial for effectively breaking up soil during hydro excavation.


Spray guns with these specifications are primarily used in hydro excavation and related applications, including:

  1. Hydro Excavation: The spray gun is a key component in hydro excavation equipment, allowing operators to precisely direct high-pressure water to excavate soil and create the slurry that is then removed by a vacuum system.

  2. Utility Locating: Hydro excavation is used to safely expose underground utilities such as gas lines, water pipes, and electrical conduits to prevent damage during construction or repair work.

  3. Potholing: Potholing involves using hydro excavation to create small holes or trenches to locate utilities or other subsurface structures.

  4. Trenching: In construction and utility work, hydro excavation is used to create trenches for various purposes, such as laying pipelines and cables.

  5. Digging Near Sensitive Areas: Hydro excavation is suitable for digging near sensitive or critical infrastructure where traditional excavation methods could be risky or damaging.

This spray gun's design and specifications make it an essential tool for hydro excavation, a precise and non-destructive method for digging and excavating soil in various applications. It allows for controlled and efficient removal of soil and debris while protecting underground utilities and infrastructure. Proper safety procedures and training are crucial when using high-pressure equipment like this spray gun.

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