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1" Finned Sewer Nozzle Extension

1" Finned Sewer Nozzle Extension

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A "1" Finned Sewer Nozzle Extension" is a specialized tool used in sewer cleaning and maintenance equipment. This extension is designed to attach to a sewer nozzle and extend its reach. The term "finned" typically means that it has fins or ridges that help guide the nozzle through the sewer pipe, aiding in its cleaning and inspection process. Here are some details about this tool:

Key Features:

  1. Size: The "1" designation likely indicates that this extension is designed to be used with sewer nozzles that have a 1-inch diameter.

  2. Finned Design: The finned design, with its ridges or fins, is used to help the nozzle navigate through sewer pipes more effectively. The fins can help push debris and buildup off the pipe walls as the nozzle moves forward.

  3. Pipe Diameter: The extension is designed to work with sewer pipes that are up to 6 inches in diameter. This means it can effectively extend the reach of the sewer nozzle in pipes of this size.


  1. Sewer Cleaning: Sewer nozzle extensions with finned designs are used in conjunction with sewer nozzles for the cleaning and maintenance of sewer and drainage systems. The fins help remove debris and obstructions from the pipe walls as the nozzle is moved through the pipe.

  2. Pipe Inspection: In addition to cleaning, these extensions are often used for inspecting the condition of sewer pipes. They can be equipped with cameras or other inspection equipment to assess the integrity of the pipes.

  3. Hydrojetting: Sewer nozzle extensions are commonly used with hydrojetting equipment, which uses high-pressure water to clean and clear sewer pipes. The fins help ensure thorough cleaning.

  4. Blocked Pipe Clearing: In cases where sewer pipes are blocked or clogged, the finned extension, when attached to the nozzle, can help dislodge and remove the blockage effectively.

  5. Preventive Maintenance: Regular use of finned sewer nozzle extensions can help prevent the buildup of debris and the formation of clogs in sewer pipes, reducing the risk of blockages and backups.

When using a finned sewer nozzle extension, it's important to ensure compatibility with the sewer nozzle and other equipment being used. The choice of the specific extension length and design should be based on the size and condition of the sewer pipes, as well as the requirements of the cleaning or inspection job. These extensions are valuable tools for sewer maintenance professionals to keep sewer systems in good working order.

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