Collection: Hoses and Accessories

enz® hose protection provides optimum protection for the hose's rubber or plastic coating against environmental influences. In addition to protective plastic hoses, enz® also sells rigid and flexible flex guides. Compared to traditional deflection slides and the plastic hose protection that cause heavy wear on the hoses, the rollers on the enz® flex guides last five times longer. These flex guides are also available in a flexible variant so that you do not always have to detach the nozzle.

Flex Guides:  91.05 / 91.05B / 91.07 / 91.07B

 Rollers to protect the hose
 Flexible flex guides
 Rigid or flexible brackets
 Wear-free plastic protection
 Large (from 12” pipe)
 Medium (from 6” pipe)

Scope of use:
 Hose protection
 Manhole top edge
 Manhole bottom edge
 Protection of building corners
 Pipe diameters: 6” – 12”